Here's some helpful advice if you have just had a spill or have just stained your carpet or upholstery 

coffee stain removal
wine stain removal

It doesn't matter how careful you are, accidents happen! especially during parties or when the kids are running around. But don't panic and make the stain any worse than it is, please just follow this simple advice:

Soak up any liquid with plain kitchen roll, toilet roll, or an absorbent cloth

Scoop up or carefully scrape up any solids

Always work from the edge of the stain inwards

BLOT IT! Do no rub the stain!

At this stage, PLEASE do not attempt to use ANY form of household cleaning products on the stain as this can not only make the stain much worse it could also possibly damage the carpet fibres, or if there is bleach in the cleaner it could remove the carpet colouring beyond repair!

Then please give us a no obligation call on 0191 455 2929 or 07708 565 077 

(9.00am - 7.00pm)

We can then give you further advice on it's removal, or you can make an appointment for us to visit you and give you a free quotation to professionally remove the stain

If you have a stains caused by pets please >Click Here<


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