Health and Safety

Your safety, and the safety of our operators, is of paramount importance to us whilst we are working inside or outside your property.

Extracta Exel Machine

In public areas, or areas where people may arrive unexpectedly, we will take measures to warn of any dangers that may be present by placing free standing warning boards to warn of dangers such as trip hazards or wet floors, as well as Bio-Hazard warnings if such a risk is present.

We will also warn you about the dangers of walking from a damp carpet on to a hard surface such as a tiled or vinyl floor.

This is because a carpet will naturally hold on to a certain amount of moisture following cleaning, and the underside of shoes or bare feet will pick up this moisture, then when they come into contact with a hard surface this will create an extreme slip hazard. The edges of stair carpets can also become extremely slippy when damp.

Because of this we will also ask you to warn all impending visitors to the property of this risk after we have completed the job.

During our cleaning operations we will be using machines that contain hot cleaning solutions.

These machines will also have solution supply and recovery hoses, and power cables that will be on the floor throughout the areas that we are cleaning. We will kindly ask you to take care when passing the machines or stepping over these hoses.

Also, because a some of the chemical solutions that we use for removing certain stains can be harmful if swallowed or touched, we will ask you to make sure that children and pets are not allowed close to our machines, tools or containers.

Hazards of carpet cleaning

At SUPER-CLEAN we will always make sure our cleaning operations are performed in the safest possible way, and with the least possible disruption to your home or business.