Frequently Asked Questions (If you cannot find your answer here then please call us)

Do you have to see the job first to give me a quote?

In most circumstances no. We have been in the business long enough to be able to quote a price over the phone for cleaning your carpets. However if the job is out of the ordinary then we may need to see it first. 

With fabric suites we always prefer to see the suite first before quoting a price as it depends on the type of material it is made from and how it has to be cleaned, as well as how long we estimate it will take to clean it. 

You’ve quoted me a price. Could that price change before the job is finished?

No. We will always keep to the price that we have quoted. However, if the job has not been correctly described to us, and it will take a lot longer than usual to obtain a good result, we will advise you of any change before we commence any work.

Do you clean all or just part of the carpet?

Unlike some companies who will only clean the walk areas, we will normally clean all of the carpet from wall to wall unless we are specifically ask to only do the walkways.

Do I have to remove all the furniture from the room?

No. All we ask is that you remove all of the smaller and fragile articles away from the floor. We will move chairs, tables, and sofas if you would like to have them cleaned underneath. We will not move items that are too heavy or too fragile to be moved, such as display cabinets or large TV’s on glass stands!


How long will it take to clean my carpets?

It really depends on the type of carpet, the amount of dirt or staining on it, and how well it responds to cleaning. We usually estimate a cleaning time of one hour per room, plus about 30 minutes of setting up and packing up time. However if a job takes longer than estimated we will usually continue until the job is finished without any extra charge to you.


How long will the carpets take to dry?

It depends on the type of carpet, but normally somewhere around one hour. In areas that are particularly dirty extra solution may have to be used and it may then take a little longer to dry.

Can you remove stains?

Yes, most stains can be removed. We always use high quality 'active' solutions, so most stains will be removed during our usual cleaning process. We may need to use specialist solutions to remove some heavier type of stains such as tea, coffee, and wine etc. But where the stain has effectively changed the colour of the fibre (or re-dyed it) the stain may have become permanent. This is especially possible with wool carpets. Stains from colourings contained in certain food such as curries, or drinks containing Sodium Benzoate (E211) such as Lucozade or Dr Pepper may not be removable.

Can you clean my rug?

Of course. We can clean most types of rugs including wool, and special types such as Afghan and Chinese.


I work through the week. Can you come at any other time?

We prefer to work through the week also, but if this is not suitable we would be happy to arrange an appointment for an early evening or a weekend to suit you.


My flat is on the 10th floor. How can you reach this?

Super-Clean vans are equipped with a variety of machines to suit different jobs and situations. If we cannot access the property with our truck-mounted or larger wheeled machines we will use our compact portable HWE machines that can be carried up stairs.


Can you clean when there is nobody in the property?

Yes. We are fully insured to handle keys and work within your property whilst you are out.

Can you clean blood and bodily fluid stains?

Yes. Super-Clean are especially experienced in the treatment and removal of such stains. We follow a strict code of practice and conduct whilst dealing with this unfortunate type of situation.


If you have any questions we have not listed above please contact us on 07708 565 077