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"Super-Clean Carpet Cleaning Services are the longest established and most experienced local family-based based carpet and upholstery cleaning company in the South Tyneside area who have been cleaning carpets since 1992"


HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our customers for 2024

All SUPER-CLEAN services are fully operational in 2024

If you are unsure about having your carpets or upholstery cleaned whilst the current Flu and Covid infections still continue please rest assured that we are still taking the following precautions for you....

Coronavirus / Covid-19 and our Carpet Cleaning operations.

(Dated 15/2/2022)

We are FULLY OPERATIONAL for ALL Carpet and Upholstery cleaning operations.

All Government lockdown rules have now been lifted but we must all still take care as the virus is still out there.
(Did you know that deep cleaning of carpets and furniture effectively disables and removes viruses such as Coronavirus. We additionally add an ANTI-VIRAL agent into our cleaning solutions proven to disable the Covid-19 virus and others)

At Super Clean we take the health and safety of our customers and ourselves extremely serious. During this continued uncertain time we are still taking SOCIAL DISTANCING precautions whilst working to help prevent the spread of the corona virus. In particular masks may be worn whilst in close conversation and we will always try to maintain the 2m distancing rule.

To further limit the spread of the virus we can also after every carpet clean offer to ADDITIONALLY CLEAN ALL SURFACES in your property that we may have touched or handled during the carpet cleaning process WITH A VIRUCIDAL CLEANER. This could prevent the transfer of any outside contamination being brought into your home or business by ourselves.

In return we ask that you also excercise recipical safety measures to avoid the possibility of ourselves coming into contact with the virus by remaining at a safe 2m distance from the operator. We also ask that the operator is left alone to carry out the work without any customer interaction. We would be pleased if you could also inform us if you or any other person in the household have symptoms of the virus or are currently testing positive for the virus.

If we all take care then we'll all be fine.
Steve at Super Clean

Super-Clean is a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning company 
that has been based in South Shields since 1992

 We are your local specialists for
(Including 100% Wool)

We are the only carpet cleaner in the North East to use

'ACTIVE' BioSolve cleaning detergents.

Active detergents do not need a lot of water so the drying time of the carpet is considerably reduced.

Most carpets will be dry again in less than one hour so by the time we have finished the cleaning of your carpets they will typically have a ZERO DRY TIME! Active detergents also leave your carpets much cleaner and fresher than conventional 'wet' or 'dry' cleaning methods. 

Our prices are also very competative.
Please go to 'Our Prices' page to see what your job will cost.

To make a booking contact us today on either:

0191 455 2929


07708 565 077 

( If you do not get an answer it may be because our machines are running and we can't hear you calling,
o please leave us a message and we will call you straight back! )

There are many adverts in local papers offering carpet and upholstery cleaning at cheap prices, especially around Xmas time, but these adverts are usually placed by people who are not professionals and do not have the correct machines, experience or insurance.  Whichever company you choose to use please always make sure that they are always: fully insured, fully experienced, have the correct machinery (not just a hired Rug Doctor!) and they use the correct cleaning chemicals. Also make sure they have a landline number with a physical address, and also check that they have an established track record for doing a good job! 

has been a long time member of 
whose members are all
so you are guaranteed we will always do excellent job!

Checked and Vetted
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Are you looking for the best local Carpet and Upholstery cleaners in the South Tyneside Area that you can trust to get the best possible results?

Based in South Shields, Super-Clean are a local family company and we have been cleaning carpets and upholstery for domestic houses, bars, hotels, and businesses throughout the Tyne and wear area since 1992. We cover all of the South Shields, Jarrow, Hebburn, Boldon, Whitburn and Seaburn areas.

Not only are our prices extremely competitive but we also use the most modern and powerful professional 'Active' BioSolve detergents and hot water extraction machines (the cleaning methods preferred by carpet manufacturers). Using top quality eco friendly detergents and after care products ensures that the finished job is much cleaner, fresher, and drier than any of our competitors!

The reason why your carpets will be as clean as a whistle and also dry much quicker is because we use a very advanced 'ACTIVE' bio-solve eco-friendly detergent which gets to work straight away by dissolving the dirt on the carpet before we use our powerful extraction machines to clean and flush out all of the losened dirt. This method ensures that there is no dirty solution left in the carpet because it has been flushed out leaving your carpets much cleaner and drier than the conventional and cheaper abrasive detergents that need to use a lot of hot water and which are commonly used by other cleaning companies

carpet cleaners in sunderland
carpet cleaner south shields

Just look at the difference our professional machines can make to your carpets!

This is because we use powerful deep-cleaning 'ACTIVE' solutions with powerful modern vacuum extraction machines, and because our machines remove all of the cleaning solution out of the carpet MOST CARPETS CAN BE DRY IN ONE HOUR!*(*Depending upon wool content)

We can deep clean any type of carpet or rug including pure wool.

dirty carpet cleaning in tyne and wear
stair carpet cleaning in south shields

 When we have finished, your carpets will smell as fresh as a daisy and looking new again. This does of course depend on the condition of the carpet, but rest assured that our fully experienced operator will be able to advise you before commencing any work regarding the expected outcome of any cleaning job.

 At *SUPER-CLEAN* we also use eco-friendly, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic cleaning products for the safety of you, your children, your pets, and your home. We guarantee to give your carpets and upholstery the safest clean in the industry!

(Please advise the operator of any known allergies to cleaning detergents and deodurants before commencment of the job)

eco friendly solutions in south tyneside
baby friendly safe in south tyneside

Did you know that whilst our professional machines are cleaning you carpets they are also removing: Dust mites - Fungi - Viruses (including Coronavrus Covid 19) - Dirt-attracting oils - Pet odours - and even the toughest stains.

Vacuuming your home carpets with your regular home vacuum does help to maintain the overall look of your home but it will only remove the loose dust that has accumulated near the top of the carpet. For a true, deep fresh clean, it's best to schedule a professional deep clean of your carpets once a year.

 With our 'Active' BioSolve cleaning detergents, and our powerful Extracta hot water extracion cleaners, you can also be assured of a very quick drying time, and your carpets could be looking as clean as the day you had them fitted!

Check out our short video describing our 9-stage Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning programme that we use in pubs, clubs, restaurants and commercial premises.

As well as general carpet cleaning we also undertake spot stain removal on carpets and Stain-Guarding treatment to protect against future mishaps. 

Stain Shields Stainguard



We have been the No1 choice for carpet cleaners in the Tyne & Wear area since 1992

house carpet cleaners in south shields
 We undertake both Domestic and Commercial carpet cleaning
hotel carpet cleaning in tyne and wear
 Our business clients include Guest Houses, Hotels, Clubs, Bars, Pubs, Restaurants, Shops, Factories and Offices, no matter how large or small.
commercial office carpet cleaning in South Tyneside
We can service you on a one-off or a regular contract basis
pub carpet cleaning in tyne and wear
No matter how soiled your carpets have become by rugged use or miss-use from spilled drinks and food encountered in the pub and club industry, we always carry the correct chemical cleaners and detergents guaranteed to to cut through the worst possible grime

A Super-Clean fully equipped van

Our vans are fully equipped with the correct types of professional machines and a variety of cleaning solutions to ensure that we can clean your carpets and upholstery to the highest possible standard.

As well as carpet cleaning we also undertake specialist cleaning work including; Anti-Static Cleaning and Treatment, Bio Enzyme Cleaning and Treatment, Blood Stain Removal, Flood Recovery Services, Insecticidal Cleaning and Fire Restoration Cleaning

Contact us today for a free no-obligation quotation for any of our services in your home or your business premises and let us get your carpets as clean as a whistle

Telephone or Text Steve on: 

0191 4552929


07708 565077

You can also Email us at: steve@super-clean.biz

 If you do not get an answer it may be because we cannot hear you calling due to our machines running so please leave us a voice-mail message or send us a text and we'll call you straight back!

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Super-Clean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services
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 Steve Hutchinson t/a SUPER-CLEAN, 32 Westmorland Road, South Shields, South Tyneside, Tyne and Wear NE34 7JJ Tel: 0191 455 2929